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Why doesn’t your franchise sales website generate the kind of traffic and leads you need? Learn how content, strategy and functionality deliver a high-performing site.

October 21, 2015 | 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. (CST)

Webinar: 10 Characteristics of a Kickass Franchise Sales Website

Franchise Development and the Importance of a Kickass Franchise Sales Website

The franchise sales pathway has evolved along with the convenience, speed and influence of the Internet age. Franchise development has moved beyond the point at which you can rely solely on face-to-face meetings, networking at conferences, franchise portals and cold calling.

Prospective franchisees need to be able to discover your website, which begins with a firm understanding of keyword use, information-rich content, user experience and intent, along with website architecture.




The vast majority—94 percent—of buyers conduct online research

People involved in B2B buying are 57 percent of the way along the path to making a decision before they reach your branded website.

90 percent of business-to-business researchers use search engines to investigate purchase.

So, how many qualified leads are you getting from your franchise sales site? Attend our webinar to get started with a brand new understanding of what your franchise sales site can do to generate more and higher-quality leads.

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you and your team for helping us create and establish the blog and newsletter programs.  Both have been very successful.  For example, the newsletter participation has grown from a dozen offices for our initial edition to more than 150 offices for our current edition!  The blog has significantly improved our web site traffic, and is the basis for much of our social media program.  Fishman PR “put us on the map” in both these areas and we are very grateful for your help. "

Robert Pifke
CMO, Real Property Management

"AM Conservation Group has been working with the content marketing team at Fishman PR for over a year and they have done a fabulous job in being creative in addressing our content creation needs. They have managed our blogs, Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest needs with great care. We would recommend the Fishman PR team to other companies for sure."

Kristi Mailloux
CMO, AM Conservation Group

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